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Get Coordinates from Google Maps App on iOS

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I usually don’t plan my routes on any routing software and then upload it on my Garmin Zumo GPS. One reason is because I don’t plan much, just day…

Backup your Data and Photos on the Road

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We travellers nowadays carry digital equipment. Laptops, tablets, smartphones and digital video and still cameras. We create a lot of digital data like…

Track Your Own Post-Sharing-Activity to Facebook Groups

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Facebook is a great place to stay in touch with friends and keep them up to date of what you’re about, be it finding a great motorcycle shop, sharing…

Travel Apps for Overlanders

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On or Off the Grid? While it might seem an interesting, though extraordinary option to travel without your smartphone and get off the matrix it has become one…

moto.phil levitating the SPOT GPS Messenger

Magic! How to Add SPOT GPS Maps to Your Website

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[EN] You are interested in a SPOT GPS messenger? Or you already own one? Looking for how to bring those SPOT location maps on your website? Look no further,…