Review – Tutoro Auto Chainoiler

2982 Comments11 Minutes

Keeping things running smoothly on your bike is important to have things last. This especially counts for the final drive, i.e. the chain and sprockets as they…

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Sailing the Darien Gap with my Motorcycle

977 Comments1 Minutes

The Darian Gap. It’s the wild pure forest between Panama and Colombia, there is no road so it’s basically impassable by bike, even though some have…

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Panama Surprise

934 Comments7 Minutes

While getting closer to Panama I also got closer to the date where the Steelrat picks up their service between Panama and Colombia again. After cancelling my…

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Leon Nicaragua

Is Travel Burn Out Real?

885 Comments4 Minutes

It’s been a while since I last posted here. A lot (or not) has happened in the meantime. Ever since I left Guatemala heading towards Panama I started to…

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Escaping Eastern Madness in Honduras

807 Comments5 Minutes

I am at El Amatillo, the border from El Salvador to Honduras. While I scan my phone for possible destinations for the easter weekend I slowly melt away in…

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El Salavador

730 Comments2 Minutes

I decide to cross into El Salvador from Guatemala instead of passing through Copan in Honduras. Even Though Copan and it’s ruins are one of the…

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CA-4 Visa and TVIP Extension

Borderrun Guatemala Mexico or how to Extend your CA-4 Visa and TVIP

723 Comments13 Minutes

I’m sitting in Antigua Guatemala waiting for a delivery looking at the clock ticking and having my CA-4 Visa and Guatemala TIP slowly run out. I’m…

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Volcan de Fuego and Acatenango shot from DJI Mavic Pro

DJI Mavic Pro – First Airtime in Antigua Guatemala

867 Comments1 Minute

The new DJI Mavic Pro is probably the coolest drone fro travelling since it folds quite small. I look forward to create beautiful aerial footage but the drone…

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Reflection of colonial building and guatemalan flag in a puddle

Antigua Guatemala – The Mother of Colonial Towns

948 Comments3 Minutes

Antigua Guatemala, or just Antigua as everybody calls it, used to be the colonial capital. But it’s not the oldest capital in Guatemala, at the beginning…

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Volcan Fuego Eruption 2017-02-24/25

Hiking Acatenango on my Own, Volcán de Fuego in Action – A Night like no Other!

1007 Comments50 Minutes

The Road to Antigua I didn’t want to spend much time in Guatemala. After visiting Guatemala city to get some parts for my bike I didn’t even want…

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Volcano Fuego Guatemala erupting on February 24, 2017

Video – Volcán de Fuego Guatemala – Eruptions of Feb 24, 2017

886 Comments1 Minutes

Nonstop eruptions of Volcán de Fuego (Guatemala, 3660m) as seen from Volcán Acatenango in the evening of Feb 24, 2017. So lucky to be up there during one of…

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Map with pin

Get Coordinates from Google Maps App on iOS

942 Comments3 Minutes

I usually don’t plan my routes on any routing software and then upload it on my Garmin Zumo GPS. One reason is because I don’t plan much, just day…

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