Review – Tutoro Auto Chainoiler

2982 Comments11 Minutes

Keeping things running smoothly on your bike is important to have things last. This especially counts for the final drive, i.e. the chain and sprockets as they…

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Sailing the Darien Gap with my Motorcycle

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The Darian Gap. It’s the wild pure forest between Panama and Colombia, there is no road so it’s basically impassable by bike, even though some have…

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Volcan Fuego Eruption 2017-02-24/25

Hiking Acatenango on my Own, Volcán de Fuego in Action – A Night like no Other!

1007 Comments50 Minutes

The Road to Antigua I didn’t want to spend much time in Guatemala. After visiting Guatemala city to get some parts for my bike I didn’t even want…

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Mule Pack Panniers on the DR650

Choosing the Acmezoom Mule Pack Panniers for the DR650

3 Comments20 Minutes

Regularly I am asked about my panniers. Most of the people have never seen them or even heard of them. As usual I do a lot of research before choosing…

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Volcano Popocatepetl

Smoking Tyres, Smoking Mountain

738 Comments10 Minutes

Popocatépetl, with 5426m asl it’s Mexico’s second highest peak. But located just in between Mexico City and Puebla, it certainly is the most…

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Dia de los Muertos in Oaxaca

Return of the Dead

908 Comments1 Minutes

Dia de los muertos, the day of the dead, is like national celebration days, held from October 31 till November 2nd. However people start way earlier to…

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moto.phil levitating the SPOT GPS Messenger

Magic! How to Add SPOT GPS Maps to Your Website

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[EN] You are interested in a SPOT GPS messenger? Or you already own one? Looking for how to bring those SPOT location maps on your website? Look no further,…

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