I decide to cross into El Salvador from Guatemala instead of passing through Copan in Honduras. Even Though Copan and it’s ruins are one of the highlights I did not see the need to go there as I have been there already on a previous journey in 2003.

Coming into El Salvador I notice mainly one difference to Guatemala. The people are all wearing normal clothing, there are no “Mayans” with their traditional outfits.

I plan to stay a couple of nights at the beaches and then head to San Salvador to visit a friend. However with Semana Santa coming up he’s ready to leave on his own vacation so I just ride along the cost and head directly to San Salvador.

Because of the never ending heat I choose the carretera longitudinal to get to the border to Honduras in the east. This road is the most northern road and has recently been rebuilt, it is in perfect condition and offers a fun ride. I make one stop in a small town called Sensuntepeque and stay a couple of daysin the fresher climate of the highlands. It’s a nice little town actually, people are friendly and there is a nice lookout with some tunnels from silver mining times beneath it.

I head to Santa Rosa de Lima, a town just a few kilometers from the border. It’s one of those typical latin american towns where there is nothing to do or to see except chat with some of the locals. However the town felt quite sketchy and also some guy who talked me up very friendly seems to get me to invite him to a nightclub, at least that’s what I perceived to be his strategy.