el arriero, la arriera

masculine or feminine noun

1 (occupation)
a. muleteer
El arriero montó las bolsas de trigo en el caballo de carga.The muleteer loaded the pack horse with wheat sacks.
b. mule driver
El arriero transportaba café con sus mulas.The mule driver transported coffee with his mules.

(from spanishdict.com)

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I am staying with Charly in Santa Elena, the swiss who owns Charly’s Restaurante, a restaurant, hotel and a campsite. He also owns an older BMW GS and has a bunch of rider friends who all own a GS as well. The GS certainly is a popular bike in Mexico too. When I tell Charly about all the stickers on my panniers he heads off and comes back with some of his stickers. One of them features a rider and the phrase “Arrieros somos y en camino andamos” what could be translated to “We are muleteers and we follow the path in our journey”. It’s what Charly and his friends use for their motorcycle “gang”.

When I am about to head off to Guanajuato the following day Charly picks up the phone and organizes a bunch of “arrieros” to accompany me on my way. We meet up with two riders at the local gas station and head for Leon de las Aldama, where another german and mexican rider will join the pack. The whole bunch are really great people and I enjoy riding with others for a day. We have lots of fun on our stops and they show me some cool and twisty roads through the mountains. Some of these roads are all of some sort of cobblestone for quite a while and we head up to the Jesus statue that’s the highest in the world (altitude wise).

Thanks to Charly and his friends for the great company, hope you will all be safe in your “camino”!


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