Sailing the Darien Gap with my Motorcycle

Take a look at the sailing turn with my bike from Panama to Colombia.

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Panama Surprise

A visit to Panama City and the Panama Canal

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Leon Nicaragua

Is Travel Burn Out Real?

Long term travel isn't alway just as great as everyone in social media makes it look. Like to everything else there are downsides and worse times as well.

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CA-4 Visa and TVIP Extension

Borderrun Guatemala Mexico or how to Extend your CA-4 Visa and TVIP

A borderrun to Mexico is one way to extend your CA-4 visa when in Guatemala. It also served me to extend the TVIP in one shot.

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Volcan de Fuego and Acatenango shot from DJI Mavic Pro

DJI Mavic Pro – First Airtime in Antigua Guatemala

First Airtime with the DJI Mavic Pro in Antigua Guatemala

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Reflection of colonial building and guatemalan flag in a puddle

Antigua Guatemala – The Mother of Colonial Towns

Antigua Guatemala, the mother of colonial towns in central america, is a magnet for local and foreign tourists.

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Volcan Fuego Eruption 2017-02-24/25

Hiking Acatenango on my Own, Volcán de Fuego in Action – A Night like no Other!

The Acatenango hike is a popular tourist attraction around Antigua Guatemala. Though it's a tough hike it can be worth the strain, especially in times where Volcan de Fuego is increasingly active. This is my story about going where I did not want to go and ending up living a quite lucky and unique experience of camping with a clear view on Fuego erupting in a constant stream.

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Volcano Fuego Guatemala erupting on February 24, 2017

Video – Volcán de Fuego Guatemala – Eruptions of Feb 24, 2017

Video of the nonstop eruptions of Volcán de Fuego (Guatemala) in the night of February 24, 2017.

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Map with pin

Get Coordinates from Google Maps App on iOS

The Googe Maps app on iOS does not allow for a direct extraction of coordinates. But there is a simple workaround to get the coordinates from any dropped pin!

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Belize, The Carribean Way of Latin America

A short stop in Belize, the different country of central america. There's this distinct "yaaa maaan" vibe, the beautiful carribean sea and ancient mayan cities.

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Backup your Data and Photos on the Road

The biggest mistake you can make is to ignore backing up your data. Broken hardware can be replaced, software reinstalled but lost data is gone forever! Make sure to find a way to backup your data and photos and keep them safe while on the road!

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Mexico, Mariachi

Go to Mexico, seriously!

My time in Mexico is coming to an end. What a great country with great people, almost hard to find all the words to describe the beauty of this country. You must go and visit, seriously!

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Mule Pack Panniers on the DR650

Choosing the Acmezoom Mule Pack Panniers for the DR650

There are many options for panniers to choose from. Aluminium, plastic, soft saddle bags... They all have their pros and disadvantages. Read about the different type of panniers and why I chose the Mule Pack Panniers for my DR650.

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moto.phil on his DR650 with Mule Pack Panniers

Adding Storage Space to the DR650 and the Mule Pack Panniers

After fitting the Mule Pack Panniers to my DR650 I needed space for little things like spares and consumables. Find out how to easily add more storage to the DR650.

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Suzuki DR650 RTW Ready in front of Sanddunes

Turning the DR650 into a RTW Ready Motorcycle

After spending time on the road with my DR650 and meeting other travellers with the same bike I can say, the DR650 is without a doubt a great budget choice for extended RTW travelling. Read why that is and how to turn your DR into a RTW bike.

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Mayan pyramids of Palenque

Steps of Water, Steps of Gods

On the way to the beautiful Palenque ruins we had a stop to have a look at the shining blue falls of Agua Azul. While one being men built and the other a natures gem they are both worth a visit!

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Track Your Own Post-Sharing-Activity to Facebook Groups

If you want to share your own posts to various different facebook groups without spamming your friend's notifications it's best to keep track of your sharing activity. I show you how you can easily do this for free.

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Travel Apps for Overlanders

Do we need another "Travel Apps" Article? No, we don't, there are already some articles with collections of travel apps out there. But I'll give you one anyway because I want to summarize the iPhone apps that I use myself mostly and find handy while overlanding, especially with focus on travelling on a motorcylce (of course many apps serve backpackers just as well).

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Volcano Popocatepetl

Smoking Tyres, Smoking Mountain

My planned day trip to the Volcano Popocatepetl didn't start as expected, I had to live a moment of shock as well. But when the day trip was extended it changed for the good.

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