Belize, The Carribean Way of Latin America

818 Comments1 Minutes

Belize is a rather young country, founded out of the colony of British-Honduras in 1981. It is the only country of central america where english is the…

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Backup your Data and Photos on the Road

1009 Comments28 Minutes

We travellers nowadays carry digital equipment. Laptops, tablets, smartphones and digital video and still cameras. We create a lot of digital data like…

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Mexico, Mariachi

Go to Mexico, seriously!

707 Comments12 Minutes

Palenque. Patrick, my swiss rider buddy, hops on his bike to head towards the Yucatan. I’m staying back, on my own again. I found some 10W-40 motorcycle…

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Mule Pack Panniers on the DR650

Choosing the Acmezoom Mule Pack Panniers for the DR650

3 Comments20 Minutes

Regularly I am asked about my panniers. Most of the people have never seen them or even heard of them. As usual I do a lot of research before choosing…

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moto.phil on his DR650 with Mule Pack Panniers

Adding Storage Space to the DR650 and the Mule Pack Panniers

850 Comments8 Minutes

I decided to get the Acmezoom Mulepack panniers after seeing their video having a pick-up truck rolling over them :) For racks I chose the Procycle racks. If…

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Suzuki DR650 RTW Ready in front of Sanddunes

Turning the DR650 into a RTW Ready Motorcycle

101 Comments3 Minutes

The DR650SE is a great bike for extended travelling. I might not be the most qualified person to say this, but after two years with the DR and now over 300…

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Mayan pyramids of Palenque

Steps of Water, Steps of Gods

869 Comments1 Minutes

From San Cristobal de las Casas I headed to Palenque together with Patrick, another swiss rider. Palenque are some of the most popular and most beautiful ruins…

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Track Your Own Post-Sharing-Activity to Facebook Groups

947 Comments7 Minutes

Facebook is a great place to stay in touch with friends and keep them up to date of what you’re about, be it finding a great motorcycle shop, sharing…

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Travel Apps for Overlanders

8 Comments29 Minutes

On or Off the Grid? While it might seem an interesting, though extraordinary option to travel without your smartphone and get off the matrix it has become one…

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Volcano Popocatepetl

Smoking Tyres, Smoking Mountain

738 Comments10 Minutes

Popocatépetl, with 5426m asl it’s Mexico’s second highest peak. But located just in between Mexico City and Puebla, it certainly is the most…

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Dia de los Muertos in Oaxaca

Return of the Dead

908 Comments1 Minutes

Dia de los muertos, the day of the dead, is like national celebration days, held from October 31 till November 2nd. However people start way earlier to…

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