The Darian Gap. It’s the wild pure forest between Panama and Colombia, there is no road so it’s basically impassable by bike, even though some have done or tried it before.

So there are the classical ways of shipping left, by container, RoRo or by plane. But then, there are Sailboats which offer the shipping in between Panama and Colombia including the boat life and the experiencing the San Blas Islands for a few days.

I had decided to take the steelrat (Stahlratte), a huge german sailing boat, to cross the gap while I was still in the USA. I planned to cross end of November 2016 but my travelling slowed down in fantastic Mexico so I thought I was gonna cancel the trip and ship by container as between November and May the Steelrat does not operate in the Darien Gap.

However, my travelling was keeping a slow pace in Central America as well so that I ended up taking the first sailing turn in may 2017. It’s not the cheapest option to cross the gap, probably the most expensive one, but in my opinion certainly worth every cent. The small San Blas islands are impressive, the boat life is great, the food is good… And all really relaxing. The boat trip actually refreshed my motivation which had sunk way low while crossing central america.

Enjoy the photos :)

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