I am at El Amatillo, the border from El Salvador to Honduras. While I scan my phone for possible destinations for the easter weekend I slowly melt away in temperatures just below 40°C. I could go to the beaches, but there is literally no place to be found online, and if there is it is bloody expensive. Of course, people in latin america are no different from us, at least the ones in the big cities. When there’s a holiday everybody wants to escape the city madness and hit the mountains or the beaches.

I certainly did not plan to go see another capital, but in the end after talking to my friend Eduardo who lives in the state but is from Tegucigalpa I decide it’s the best thing to do right now for three reasons. I can escape the overcrowded beaches, I can enjoy fresher climate since Tegus is at around 1000 masl and the accomodation is simply cheaper.

Riding into the big city I am baffled. There is literally zero traffic. Even for easter holiday I would not have expected that from such a big city. I also like the fact that there are a lot of hills throughout the city which gives it a bit of a european feel where strees are going up and down.

I sleep a few nights in the capital and head out for dayrides to the surrounding mountains. San Juancito, Valle Angeles, Santa Lucia and  Picacho.

San Juancito is a very small mountain town and very laid back, there seem to be a few local tourists but that’s it. A nice village to visit off the beaten path. All the people I talk to are very friendly and the kids around are not shy to talk to me at all. They are very interested in what I am doing and then my bike and my camera.

Valle Angeles is a lovely place but quite touristy (mainly local tourists). It’s one of those typical getaway places close to a bigger city with lots of restaurants (for its size) and souverir shops. Since there are so many people I just wlak around for a few pictures but don’t feel like spening time right now talking to anyone.

Santa Lucia seems to be somewhat in between the other two villages leaning a little more to the touristy side. I visited just after easter so there was not too many people around but I could see the place fill up on weekends and holidays.

Picacho is a small national park with a zoo, botanical gardens and a big Jesus statue overlooking the town of Tegucigalpa. On my way up my gps decided to get me off the main road and I ended up riding up a quite steep road full of big stones, felt like some technical offroad again. It seemed to be more of a slum type area, at least certainly one of the poorer areas so I did not necessarily want to stay too long there even though I am not afraid to pass thru those areas either. I simply stopped at a small motorcycle shop and asked them for directions.

Leaving Honduras I meet up with Art, an american on a KLR, again. I initially met him in Guatemala City and we decided to ride together to Nicaragua, taking the border around El Paraiso which is the most northern crossing available and keeping the climate “relatively” cool at only just above 30°C since it’s still around 800 masl.

Wanting to head from the Honduras side to the nicaraguan immigration, I sit on my bike while Art pulls away, turn the ignition and push the starter button. A few cranky sounds and that’s it, flat battery! How? I just have been riding for several hours! Well, for now I decide to just push the fully loaded DR to the nicaraguan side where the road will go downhill to support push starting my bike. Still a sweaty job all geared up and with a fully loaded bike!