The DR650SE is a great bike for extended travelling. I might not be the most qualified person to say this, but after two years with the DR and now over 300 days into my extended journey I can say that the DR is a true 50/50 dual sport bike that can go long strechtes on tarmac but can also take you through quite technical terrain assuming you have the skills (thanks Pascal [ERTW] for teaching me a lot). Don’t get me wrong, even though she lacks the power of most of the modern bikes she is still a lot of fun to ride through the twisties. She is really easy to work on, basically stripped down naked in 5 minutes. I have done most of the buildup myself, again learning from Pascal, routine maintenance is almost a piece of chocolate cake and I have even replaced the cylinder base gasket myself (don’t worry, it was just cosmetics as the small oil leak was starting to annoy me). And she is a small budget bike.

But there are also many other RTW travellers out there who chose the DR for their trip. Some of them used more than just the DR on their extended trips in countries where help is just not around the corner. So they know even more than I what they’re talking about.

I spent some time together with PikiPiki and they switched from BMW 650 Dakars to the DR and think it’s a really good RTW budget bike. Adam from short way round used besides the DR650 also a BMW F650 and a Suzuki DRZ400 and he says the DR was his favourite RTW bike. My friends Pascal and Janine from ERTW are also riding two DR’s across the globe, Pascal is the one who convinced me with a ton of good reasons to get the DR.

So how did I prepare the DR650 to handle this kind of journey while keeping me as comfortable as possible?

I just updated the list of modifications to include changes and additions made on the road and to include links to the products I use. Happy pimping!

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