From San Cristobal de las Casas I headed to Palenque together with Patrick, another swiss rider. Palenque are some of the most popular and most beautiful ruins in Mexico which are another example of the many UNESCO world heritage sites in Mexico. Palenque was one of the mayan metropolis which is believed to be built in the fifth century. I love the Palenque ancient city because it is surrounded by jungle an features lush green all over the city. If you ever get the chance to go there, take your time (best in the afternoon when all the tourist buses have gone), sit down and soak up the incredible atmosphere!

On our way there we decided to have a look at the “Agua Azul” Waterfalls. Agua Azul means “blue water” in spanish. The waterfalls that feature over 500 cascades with heights between 2 and 30 meters are colored beautifully blue during the dry season. Reason being that its waters have a very high concentration of minerals. During the rainy season however, the water appears mostly brown. Being just there just around the end of the rainy season we were lucky not to only see the brown waters but also a nice hint of the shining blue. Further down the river there are also the falls of Agua Clara (clear waters) and Misol-Ha. I didn’t have time to visit those as we only left Agua Azul around dusk.

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