From Bahia de los Angeles I crossed through San Ignacio, an oasis full of palm trees in the middle of the Baja desert, stayed a couple of days around Mulege where the beautiful Bahia de Conception begins and then headed to La Paz, a touristy but nice town, to take the ferry to Mexico mainland, and meet some fellow travellers…

San Ignacio is a very small City in the middle of the desert. It’s around a waterwell in the middle of the desert, calle el ojo del agua (the eye of the water). However it’s a lot bigger than the typical image we have in mind when thinking of an oasis, a small “lake” surrounded by a couple of pal trees. Here you will find a huge forest of palm trees going far around the little village of San Ignacio. From the river you have a great view on the Volcan Tres Virgenes too. In the hotel I stayed I met Juan, he’s the night guard who moved here from Mexico mainland to be closer to his children who live in San Ignacio. In the night he’s a guard, during the day he works on a little street stall selling electronic goodies.

I initially planned to have my next stay in Loreto, but I decided to make it Mulege. It’s a small pueblo on the beach, surrounded by many palm trees as well. Usually it’s a touristy place too, many americans have a little house around there for holidays or even live there. But luckily the holiday season was alrealdy over, so I could enjoy the village in it’s “mexican form” and much more “tranquilo”. In my hotel I met Laurin, a german long term traveller with an interesting project: He travels around the world to Volcanos to tell stories about them and the people living around. He’s homepage is in beta mode (, but I look forward to read about his experiences! Together with Laurin we headed over to some fellow motorcycle travellers I met up north in Baja. Michelle and Evan got some fish from local fisherman and invited us for dinner. Check out their blog here

Heading to La Paz, where I will take the ferry to mexico mainland, I ride by the southern part of the Bahia de Conception. It has stunning coastlines, beaches and cliffs one after another. It’s a perfect place if you want to camp somewhere on the beach! On my ride I hit hundreds of butterflies, they are all over and crossing the street everywhere. One of them I hit with my chin ventilation on my helmet. They might be beautiful animals but they horribly smell when taken apart! Then there are tons of road construction sites, which is a welcome change to the main road since it’s all dirt and gravel and the only place where I overtake all those cars again that are usually going much faster than I am. So far never had any issues with the traffic. The mexicans might not obey the speed limits but they don’t seem to be a threat to me.

My Baja route ends in La Paz, a touristy but very nice town in the south of Baja California. I enjoy some good seafood, strolling along the harbour and meet more fellow mototravellers: Martin is from germany and rides a heavily loaded 1200 GS, good luck with that Martin :) Also I met Mark, Val and Grace, the family from the 3 Monkey Circus going around latin america on two GS bikes. Check out their blog as well: I guess we will meet again somewhere :)


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