Last friday me and my friends took our DR650’s to Zurich Airport to have them prepared for mondays flight to Toronto. Everything went pretty smooth after the chief of security loosened up somehow…


The bikes went into the same plane as we, a brand ne
w Boeing Dreamliner. I heard the plane was much louder than the new A380 but for what I have known so far it was alright and still less noisier. I even managed to get a couple of hours of snooze even though this might be a lot more due to my last minute running around and getting things done.

Monday afternoon we touched safely down in Toronto Pearson and getting our bikes out of cargo was not any more difficult than bringing them in in Zurich. We just had to sit around and wait a bit.

IMG_2331 IMG_2327

A week ago the forecast talked about 12 to 15 degrees, we already knew situation haf changed and we had to expect temperatures below zero and snow. So after getting ready for the first short ride, and a few troubles getting the fuel reserve to flow correctly on my bike, we took off to find a gas station where our ways seperated for the coming weeks. Currently I’m couchsurfing in Hamilton and figuring out my next moves through the changing weather conditions.

My friends from ERTW will head straight south to tackle the TAT. I will head to NYC first to visit friends and the follow their tracks on the trails until me meet again somewhere in the west of the US. At least that’s the plan for now.




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