Of Maps, Dirtroads and Mining

I open my OSM maps and see that great winding road going through the mountains in a rather direct fashion from Guanajuato to San Miguel de Allende. It says it will take me about 2 hours to get there. I ask Marcelo if that’s that the mountain road he was talking about. He says “well, actually not. You can take that road but you will meet a lot of mining trucks”.

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Magic! How to Add SPOT GPS Maps to Your Website

You are interested in a SPOT GPS messenger? Or you already own one? Looking for how to bring those SPOT location maps on your website?

Look no further, I’ll show you what kind of magic you need!

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Du willst Dir ein SPOT GPS Messenger kaufen? Oder noch besser, Du hast schon einen? Du suchst nach einer Möglichkeit die SPOT location maps in Deiner Homepage zu integrieren?

Such nicht weiter, und finde heraus, welche Magie Du dazu benötigst!

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So I am safely “delivered” by my biker friends in Guanajuato. Gunajajuato is a UNESCO world heritage site in the middle of the mountains squeezed in between the mountains around. It is also a mining town and while I am there the world famous Festival Cervantino, some call it Festival Chupatino (i.e. the drinkers festival), takes place…

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Arrieros somos – y en camino andamos

el arriero, la arriera

masculine or feminine noun

1 (occupation)
a. muleteer
El arriero montó las bolsas de trigo en el caballo de carga.The muleteer loaded the pack horse with wheat sacks.
b. mule driver
El arriero transportaba café con sus mulas.The mule driver transported coffee with his mules.

(from spanishdict.com)
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Siestas and Fiestas

For us europeans we have always referred to Mexico by using the words Siesta and Fiesta a lot. Typically when we think of Siesta we have the picture of a Mexican snoozing off beneath his huge sombrero in the early hot afternoon hours. Well, so far I haven’t seen a single sombrero type snoozing Mexican, and up in the highlands of Mexico the sun isn’t that strong anymore around this time of the year. I did however find some of those fiestas…
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Guadalajara – a Small Mexican Town?

As I enter Guadalajara I have Rodrigo’s words in my head: “It’s a small city anyways”. But lanesplitting my way in between cars and on the dirt shoulder through the heavy traffic, the “Periferico” (a “ring” highway that goes around the center of the city) never seems to end. Little did I know that Guadalajara is actually Mexico’s second biggest city! The perception of what a small city is is certainly different for a Mexican and a Swiss.

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